Therapy Challenges is pleased to offer Supervision to students and qualified Counsellors and Therapists. Ruth Lyne has been awarded an Advanced Certificate in Supervision at Warwick University in June 2012 and is able to offer Supervision in Stratford or Kenilworth.

Ruth's theoretical training is in the person-centred approach and within supervision works from a person-centred perspective, modelling the core conditions, particularly the three qualities of genuineness, acceptance and empathy, and aims to use the whole of herself to develop the relationship and ways of working together that enables both change and growth in client work and in the supervisory relationship. Ruth is particularly keen to establish psychological contact in order to encourage her supervisees to bring anything to supervision which worries or confuses them. It is important to recognise that supervision is not therapy, (although there may be times when it might be experienced as therapeutic), and that supervision would be concerned more with client work and their material and the effect that that has upon the counsellor. Any emotional difficulties that the supervisee has should therefore be addressed in their own personal therapy. However, I would work to enable management of distress arising directly from client work. The purpose in explaining the theoretical model is to lay the grounding for the work that would be done together, and to ensure that the boundaries between supervision and client work are explained and understood.

There are other modalities of supervision which might be incorporated into the supervisory work if they proved to be helpful. At all times, though, Ruth would be respectful, impartial and non-discriminating in her attitude to her supervisees and the work she does with them. Her primary concern however, will be focused on the client, and to this end, might be instructive and/or directive if need be, and challenging and encouraging in order to facilitate the work done with the client and the growth of the supervisee. Confidentiality would be maintained unless there was an ethical or legal reason to break it, and this would be discussed with the supervisee before any action was taken. As well as monitoring competencies and any limitations in this area, Ruth also monitors her own competencies to ensure the best care possible for the supervisee and their client, and would seek the advice of her own supervisor, and take any appropriate action recommended. Ruth's overall concern is that supervision should be a positive, growth-promoting relationship that would benefit both the supervisee and the client, and would herself benefit from the work done together.

To make an appointment, discuss concerns or just chat over your supervisory needs, please contact Ruth on 07766 480263.